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The deadline to make roster updates is 5 p. Teams that register online are able to login and make roster substitutions free of charge. Teams are strongly encouraged to register online to eliminate any roster change fees. NOTES: If registering online, the minimum roster size based on division must be entered to advance to check-out.

Rosters WILL be checked during tournament.

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Please make sure your roster is current prior to the July 9 deadline. Printable waiver forms and further instructions at CornhuskerStateGames.

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If you wish to have your team packet shipped, you will select that in the TEAM Shipping dropdown menu. Registering online saves time, money and trees. Athlete packets contain the athlete shirt and Super Pass. Athlete packets will begin to ship in late June. The packet shipping option will only be available for those registered by the final entry deadline. For those who did not select the packet shipping option during registration, athlete packets can be picked up Nebraska Sports Council headquarters during the following dates and times:. Nebraska Sports Council, Folkways Blvd.

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The athlete packets DO NOT contain any sport specific information such as schedules, maps, bib numbers, etc. For sport-specific details, refer to your sport General Information. Official Member of the. Thank you for participating! Adventure Race.

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Order of events and cut off times will be determined the day of the race. All team members try to complete each section within the race to score maximum points. Roster Info Teams can make roster updates online. But as the first quarter comes to a close, we still have a slew of great games upcoming in Here are our picks for the biggest and best upcoming games confirmed for the year ahead.

Instead of strapping an expensive piece of kit to your face, you will build your own VR goggles out of cardboard, slot the Switch inside and attach a variety of Toy-Cons to create individual VR experiences. You know, the usual. Shaping up to be terrific fun and a smart introduction to VR for younger players. W hile Mortal Kombat still catches the eye for its cartoonish gore and hyper-violence, a stellar fighting series has emerged from beneath the blood.

With Netherrealm proving its brawling chops with the more recent Mortal Kombats and the excellent Injustice series, there is every reason to believe Mortal Kombat 11 will continue on the same upwards curve. Pre-order now.

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You are Deacon St. Its punky post-apocalyptic aesthetic only adds to its highly-charged blasting. Few developers do shooting as well as the Doom developers and few do open-world carnage as well as Avalanche. A match made in heaven. T his grim and gripping adventure from Asobo casts you as Amicia, a young woman looking to survive the Great Plague and Inquisition in France, A stealth-action game at heart , you must guide Amicia and her brother Hugo past guards and the terrifying swirl of rats that plague your village.

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Or, in a dastardly twist, you could send the rats towards those aforementioned guards…. The racing will as full of verve, colour and customisation as ever, while a story-based Adventure mode will keep the solo racer happy in between multiplayer mayhem. C reative Assembly brings the 12th mainline entry to the acclaimed real-time strategy series. This time you are a Warlord in the age of the Three Kingdoms, looking to lead your faction to glory in a hostile and divided China. As well as leading your armies, Three Kingdoms has you forging connections and relationships to help you on your way to victory.

The arrest meant that a freeze was put on the sale of the game in its host country, but we are still on track for a Western release in June. A good thing too, as Judgment has you brawling and investigating through the neon streets of Kamurocho in typically bananas Yakuza style.

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It will feature some upgraded level building tools, but spreading the delights of building your own Mushroom Kingdom to the bigger audience of the Switch is an exciting enough prospect. T he long-awaited debut of Fire Emblem on Switch, with the anime-inspired strategy going all Hogwarts as you join an academy to hone your battlefield skills. M achineGames has revitalised the Wolfenstein series with its smart world-building, characters and sharp gunplay. Youngblood looks like continuing the trend in a fascinating co-op spin-off starring Jessica and Sophia Blazkowicz, the twin daughters of the previous games protagonist BJ and Anya Oliwa.

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After dear old Dad goes missing in an alternative in which the Nazis won the war, the twins head to Paris to find him and help liberate France from Third Reich rule. A fter the fascinating but flawed experiment with Quantum Break, it looks like Finnish developers Remedy Software are back to their barmy best with Control. The action-adventure takes place within the Federal Bureau of Control, a mysterious skyscraper that houses reality bending phenomena.

There is a danger that Shenmue might show its age, but if it is delivered with the same charm and heart then we are in for a treat.

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